Prepaid card solution

As a Business customer you have the option to be issued with multiple Prepaid cards to be used by your senior executives or employees to pay for corporate expenses even when on travel.

The Prepaid Cards can only be loaded from the Business Account.

Through the Business portal, you will have access to the card management system with detailed transaction reporting per card.  You will also be able to block and activate cards through the Business portal.


Your Benefits

As a low cost alternative to a business corporate credit cards, the PayMix Prepaid Card provides the following benefits to corporates:

  • A considerably cheaper business alternative to running a standard Corporate Card programme;
  • No limit on the number of cards that corporates can apply for and use;
  • No credit limits;
  • The cards enable corporates to closely monitor in real time business expense payments through the portal. Corporates can monitor all cardholder purchases, eliminating the possibility of fraud.
  • A prepaid card programme can also significantly reduce the amount of time spent by accounts staff checking the accuracy of expense claims and expense claim enquiries (as this is done at source).

Other Card Features

  • Card spending can be restricted to selected merchants.
  • Corporates can at their discretion block or unblock merchant spend.
  • Corporates can also load the cards on ad hoc basis, allowing better control of costs.

Apply Now for a Business Account


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