The PayMix Business Account has been designed as an alternative cost effective payment solution to your traditional business banking account. The PayMix Business Account is available in Euro.  However, we are currently working to be able to offer our business customers with the option to have a business account in other currencies. Key Benefits

  • You can apply to a Business Account by following a simple online application process.
  • You do not need to wait months to have your application processed. Depending on the timely receipt of the original documentation requested by us we normally will be in a position to process you application and open your business account within a week.
  • You will be able to load your Business Account either through bank transfer or alternative channels applicable in your region.
  • You will able to process your monthly salaries to employees holding a personal account with us at no cost to your business.


Through the business portal, PayMix provides you with the following functionality:


SEPA Payments



You can make one-off EURO SEPA payments.

Process bulk payments towards multiple beneficiaries by simply uploading payment files to the portal.


International € Payments



You can make one-off EURO payments to another bank account outside the Eurozone or SEPA using the SWIFT network.

Process EURO bulk payments towards multiple beneficiaries by simply uploading payment files to the portal


Request Payments



You can send payment requests to your clients and have the funds deposited directly to your Business Account.


Prepaid Card



You can instantly load funds from your Business Account directly onto your prepaid card/(s) at no cost.

Enquire to open a Paymix Business Account

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