Paymix Ltd (“PayMix”) was formed in 2012 and incorporated as private limited liability company in Malta (Company registration number: C.55838)

In April 2014, PayMix was granted a licence by the Malta Financial Services Authority to transact the business of a Financial Institution in terms of Article 5 of the Financial Institutions Act, 1994 (“the Act”).   By virtue of this licence PayMix is licenced to issue electronic money and to provide payment services.

In October 2014, PayMix was approved by MasterCard Europe as a principal issuing member.



PayMix draws on its founder’s experience in the cards and company service provider (“CSP”) industries.  Prior to forming PayMix, the founder was actively involved in the management of a number of prepaid card white labeling solutions and as part of his CSP services engaged in bank account opening through various jurisdictions.  This wealth of knowledge and understanding created through hands-on experience together with the executive team extensive experience in the cards, payment and banking enabled PayMix to develop its own portal solution designed around the needs of a business customer.



PayMix vision is to become one of the leading online account and card payment providers for business customers and other programme managers looking for a co-branding and/or white labelling solution.

To achieve this vision, PayMix is committed to provide:

  • A universal payment solution that will enable its products to be reachable anywhere, anytime and on any device;
  • A simple, convenient and cost effective means of payment;
  • Trust and security; and
  • Cutting edge innovation making the Company’s products the customers’ preferred choice.


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